Pinterest Search Ads Roll Out Keywords and Shopping Feeds

February 2, 2017
Helen Gallagher

Pinterest search ads are a new feature on the popular visual social media / inspiration site. Users often come to Pinterest to get ideas, look for upcoming trends and plan payday shopping sprees.

The Ad Groups

Pinterest Search Ads
Pinterest have partnered with Kenshoo to offer Search ads. The campaigns include keyword targeting and shopping feeds. Keywords are organised within focused ad groups, which Pinterest rolled out mid January. Advertisers can optimise bids at keyword level and the ads work as visual pins.

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Despite the similarities to Google Adwords, there are key differences. For example, you can just port keywords from existing campaigns across. Michael Akkerman, head of Marketing Partners at Pinterest, has pointed out that Pinterest has unique insight into keywords used on the platform. There will likely be platform specific variations to contend with. People start looking on Pinterest up to three months before they buy. This means there’s a very different part of the customer journey to access. This is especially important when it comes to seasonal retail. After all, some pinners begin planning their Christmas as early as August.


Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest has a good analytics platform even available to non advertisers. You can see how many times a Pin was saved and re-pinned whether it is being promoted or not. The great thing about a Pin advert is that it can continue as an ‘organic’ pin after the fact. And you can see the difference between the advertising period and afterward.

“There’s an opportunity to look beyond the typical 30-day attribution window and to look at earned media for Saves and Repins that get considered as organic. Advertisers often see that CPA can drop by 50 percent 30 days after a Pin is promoted because of the earned media.”

Pinterest says the number of ads shown is dynamic and has no set ad ratio at this point. The service is currently being tested with brands like eBay and Garnier. It will be rolled out to other partners soon. This will help Pinterest scale their advertising and is great news for prospective advertisers.


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