Pinterest Climb Higher

October 18, 2016
Helen Gallagher

Pinterest Climb Higher

Pinterest climb higher as they recently announced that over 150 million people use Pinterest globally every month. The site contains over 75 billion pins, with 75% of those from commercial websites.

Their user base has doubled in the past year – an interesting achievement for such a personal (rather than social) network. People use Pinterest as a scrapbook and shopping list; rather than a place to connect.┬áPins are a remarkably evergreen form of content – they last almost forever, are always searchable and┬ácan rank in Google.

This has enabled Pinterest to gather a great deal of data. They can engage in audience and trend profiling like never before.

They’ve also introduced three new forms of advert – one-tap, video and app.

It seems like it’s onwards and upwards for Pinterest.

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