How To Improve Visibility on Google Maps

March 17, 2017
Helen Gallagher

So how to improve visibility on Google Maps? New local businesses often need help to take off. You need to promote your business and attract customers. Fortunately Google Maps can help; and we can help you understand the map system.

Local Search

Most of these searches are performed on the go; people look for somewhere to grab a coffee or get lunch, and Google’s Map and ‘snack pack’ results will show up. The ‘snack pack’ means fewer results are visible and competition has become higher. Results are also often tailored to the searcher’s personal location. This is often within a 1-2 mile radius and the ‘best’ results are highlighted.

People also often browse brick and mortar shops online before popping in to make a purchase. This makes it crucial to have a Google My Business page to ensure you are visible in the search results.

Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business listings are specifically designed for local businesses with a physical shop front. A GMB page means a pin on the map, with attached info. It’s important to include as much information as possible to highlight the advantages of your premises. You need to make sure you verify your listing as soon as you can, and follow the guidelines to ensure the listing passes muster. The basic rules are that your contact information needs to be consistent and accurate, with the ability for customers to contact you during business hours.

Once it’s up and running, you can track clicks and calls via the listing. You can add more information – pictures, offers, events – and respond to reviews your customers are leaving on your page. You can also see how many people are clicking to get directions to your business.

Approach Your Local SEO Holistically

Location-related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches in general. Click To Tweet

By this we mean you need to pay attention to the whole spectrum of optimisation and social media. Other review sites send powerful citation signals that Google considers with search and map listings.

You can’t neglect your social media; regular posting will paint you as a fresh and appealing prospect. Most now have review sections themselves, and location tagging. This will help reinforce your online presence. The corresponding interaction with customers will help build your credibility. Other, more traditional techniques like press releases to local newspapers can still work. It’s also a great way to get your brand out there.


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