Tips for Easy Social Media Management

November 16, 2016
Helen Gallagher

social media management

Social media management; we’re going to go over some tips to make it easier. It can be trickier than you might think, especially if you want a quick and efficient work flow. It’s easy to get bogged down in the vast about of information on the internet. So, hopefully these tips will help you analyse, plan and schedule your social media posts.

Use a Scheduler

Using a scheduler can take a lot of the pressure off you on a day to day basis. You should still check your accounts periodically, to ensure you keep on top of trending topics and customer comments. Hootsuite is a great option with complex scheduling, teams and multiple accounts allowed. Buffer only allows one account on the free plan but it’s brilliantly simple to use and has a good analytics system. Both have free browser extensions which integrate with their respective sites.

Batch Up Tasks

Stack tasks. This is another one where your scheduling program comes in handy. Divide up your time; spend separate blocks brainstorming posts, researching articles to post online, designing social media graphics and developing relationships with people online. Creating a content calendar with a consistent schedule can help with batching and promoting your posts. It’s also important so people don’t unfollow you due to lack of content.

Use Analytics

Most social platforms have their own analytics, as do many schedulers and third party tools. These analytic systems will help you figure out your audiences, and the post / themes they most enjoy. It will help you track your KPIs and the metrics that are important to you. Different posts can drive engagement, traffic and conversions, and all can be valuable at different stages of the customer journey. It can be tempting to focus purely on conversions but that can result in very salesy, advertorial style posts.

Check Out the Competition

This is a handy shortcut for growing your customer base and reducing time spent on content research. This kind of competitor research can range from tracking the most shared posts on Twitter, to analysing the kind of posts that do well on Instagram. You can also use social media tools to cut time spent on this down. Try Buzzsumo, Crate, or even just Google News. However, don’t underestimate the power of intuition; a quick scan and a notebook can work wonders.

How do you manage your social media? If you would you like to hire someone for social media management, get in touch!


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